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Happiness is a warm puppy. ~Charles M. Schulz

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies. ~Gene Hill

Printed on 4/3/19


Black Labradoodle Puppies Available

Shutter of WyndyRidge (SR89746601) (AKC CHocolate Lab) was bred with Checkers of TR Doodles (AKC Tri-colored Poodle) and their litter was born on January 11, 2019. These sweet F1 Labradoodles are ready for their new homes now and are being sold at 50% off - $950. They will have soft, slightly wavy to wavy coats, less shedding and less allergic reactions than labs. They have the brains of a poodle (most also have the poodle bone structure) and the affectionate nature of the labrador retriever.

5 Females - 2 Sold, 3 Available
4 Males - 2 Sold, 2 Available

Look for pictures on our facebook page:WyndyRidge

AKC Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies

Snap of WyndyRidge (SR90087808) and Rifle of WyndyRidge (SS03007010) were paired and had an amazing litter this past winter, 2019. They will be paired again and will probably have a litter late fall, 2019 or early winter 2020.

Look for pictures of this litter on our facebook page:WyndyRidge

To be considered for one of their puppies at their next pairing, please fill out our Adoption Form. A $200 deposit will hold your pick order.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies

Spice will be bred with Rifle at her next heat, probably around May so puppies would be ready for new homes hopefully sometime in the fall of 2019. Check back here for updates. Can't wait to see puppies from this pairing - they are going to be gorgeous!

To be considered for one of their puppies at their next pairing, please fill out our Adoption Form. A $300 deposit will hold your pick order.

Double Doodle Puppies

We are currently considering a new stud from TR Doodles for Canella of WyndyRidge (F2 Doodle) and will have either a labradoodle litter or a double doodle litter hopefully this summer, 2019.

Labradoodles combine the strength of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle producing a puppy with high intelligence and a loving personality. Double Doodles combine the strengths of the Golden Retriever, the Standard Poodle and the Labrador Retriever. These sweet, soft curly puppies will capture you heart. Their no/low-shed soft coats and an added benefit. And the heart of the lab, the loyalty of the golden and the intelligence of the poodle are combined in a delightful combination. Check here for pictures of Canella and Bo's previous litter. Or scroll down on our facebook page for a peak at previous puppies and what they look like as they grow: Click Here

Fill out an Adoption Form here to begin the process of bringing one of these puppies home.

From a Double Doodle family:
"Just thought I would write as our beautiful pup, Noce (No-chay), nears her first birthday next week. I was saying to my husband yesterday that I think we got the perfect dog for us. She's the perfect size, the perfect coat, and most importantly the perfect temperament.

She has her own upholstered window bench, built by my husband, in my tutoring room and hangs with the students all day long (after her morning walk). She is as happy as can be! And pretty spoiled, too.

So thank you again for doing such a good job picking out her parents and socializing her when she was young.

A. and G.

From a Labradoodles family:

"I just wanted to sit down and thank you! Yankee is the best dog we could have asked for. She is so loving and gentle! She has been an amazing hiking partner, playmate for the kids, companion to our other animals! Yankee is our first labradoodle and I was a bit skeptical to begin with. After having her in our home for the past 9 months, I am convinced of what a wonderful breed they are! We have always had labs...Yankee takes the lab breed and elevates it to almost perfection. I love the fact that her shedding is minimal. She has the personality of a lab through and through, yet she is very calm...much calmer than I remember our labs ever being. She brings this family so much joy!"
Sincerely, Amanda

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