Meet The Parents of our AKC Chocolate Lab Puppies

Cedar of WyndyRidge (SS14235701)

Our smallest gal, this high energy AKC Chocolate Labrador Retriever female is surprisingly loveable. She’s learning her place in the pack, loves to play with toys and is especially happy chilling in the family room for an evening movie and snack! Cedar was born 9/14/2019 and is 48 lbs and 19″ to her shoulders.

OFA Hip  – Good                       OFA Elbows  – Normal
OFA Eyes – Normal                  CNM – Clear
EIC – Clear                                 Cystinuria – Clear
DM – Clear                                 HNPK – Clear
PRA-prcd – Clear

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AKC Chocolate Lab puppies

Spice of WyndyRidge (SR93213104)

Spice came to us from STK Just Labs and she currently is the largest of our moms, standing 22 1/2 inches at her shoulders and weighing in at 65 lbs. Her love of people is certainly evident as she follows me when I’m out on the property just to be near me. Additionally, her favorite game is “fetch and keep” and therefore we continue to work on the “bring it back” part.

OFA Hips – Good                       OFA Elbows – Normal
OFA Eyes – Normal                   CNM – Clear
EIC – Clear                                  Cystinuria – Clear
DM – Clear                                  HNPK – Clear
PRA-prcd – Clear

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Shutter of WyndyRidge (SR89746601)

Shutter, born October 13, 2015, is about 55 lbs and is 21.5″ at her shoulders. She loves her crate and early morning outings! She is very busy looking for plums to eat on our native plum shrubs and keeps the rest of her age-mates in line.

OFA Eyes: Clear
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
CNM – Carrier, therefore limited registrations only
EIC – Clear

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AKC Chocolate lab puppies

Snap of WyndyRidge (SR90087808)

Snap, born October 7, 2015, is about 60 lbs and 22″ at her shoulders. She is a happy gal who especially enjoys exploring our property and searching for any wildlife that dare to come close. She has unquestionably been a fun addition to our kennel.

OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Eyes: Normal
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear

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AKC Chocolate Lab puppies

Riley of WyndyRidge (SR98443701)

Born April 14, 2017 from our beloved Chestnut of WyndyRidge X Rowdy of WyndyRidge (both retired) Riley, in the same way has endeared herself to us. At about 50 lbs and 21″ to her shoulders, she is our “high” jumper, easily able to escape from our 6′ outdoor kennels. She loves people, sticking close whenever anyone is outside and she’s always ready to go on a jaunt.

OFA Eyes: Clear
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
CNM – Clear
EIC – Clear
Cystinuria – Clear
DM – Clear
HNPK – Clear
PRA-prcd – Clear

Rifle Remington of WyndyRidge (SS03007010)

Born 9/8/2017 at Bear Creek Labradors of Colorado, Rifle has grown up at WyndyRidge. He happily joined our group of chocolates and quickly made a place for himself. His favorite activity is to find a piece of wood or a branch, no matter the size, and race around with it and especially loves it if others join in and race around with him. We are thrilled to have Rifle join our kennel and breeding program. Rifle is about 65 lbs and 22.25″ to his shoulders.

OFA Hips: Excellent                     OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Eyes: Clear                            CNM – Clear
EIC – Clear                                      PRA – Clear
HNPK – Clear                                 Cystinuria – Clear
DM – Clear                                      Coat Color – EebbDD

Rifle is the Dad of all of our AKC Choclate lab puppies.

Ceylon of WyndyRidge

 An F1 Labradoodle from our own Spice of WyndyRidge and TR Doodles’ AKC Standard parti-factored poodle, Ceylon was born April 17, 2018 at WyndyRidge. Since then, she  has become undoubtedly, the most happy-go-lucky, playful dog who immediately glues herself to your side whenever she finds you. Ceylon is  23″ to her shoulders but only weighs around 55 lbs obviously due to her poodle bone structure.

OFA Hips – Excllent                              OFA Elbows – Normal
OFA Eyes – Normal                               von-Willebrand – Clear
CNM – Clear                                           EIC – Clear
Cystinuria – Clear                                  DM – Clear
HNPK – Clear                                         PRA-prcd – Clear

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AKC Choclate lab puppies and doodle puppies

The health of our parents is key to our successful litters!

As long as we are raising puppies, we will do everything we can to ensure our adult dogs’ health. This begins with providing quality food and supplements, like NuVet Plus Immune System Builders, continues with plenty of excercise due to being free to roam our fields a majority of the time, and most importantly includes genetic testing and timely vet care.

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and great work on the puppy. Skyler is doing great! She brings me so much love and joy. I’m grateful for finding a great breeder and the perfect puppy to be part of my life.” Adrian